let’s be real kags would probably just respond to everything with “k.”

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I don’t think that’s a scheming face… I think he’s actually smiling. Maybe…

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Let's do it. A game where there's no second chance.
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add this to the list of reasons why I hate Furudate

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was very sad that stealth symphony got cancelled and it ended on SUCH A HORRIBLY SAD NOTE THAT MAKE CRY FOR 3 DAYS and boku no hero academia replaced it but   boku no hero academia ended up being so G OOD so im ok this was pointless tf 

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crams everything into one day hi

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meet sweetie pie izuku midoriya protag of the brand new weekly shounen jump series my hero academia, read it here!! ヾ(*⌒ヮ⌒*)ゞ


i don’t run an anime blog, i run a personal blog and it just happens to be all anime

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